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March 3, 2002. I finally managed to produce a raytraced output (524 KB AVI file encoded with Indeo 5.1 codec) of the third Sheep demo. The rendering has been entrusted to POV-Ray. I first tried to use Ray of Hope, my own raytracer, but I gave up after a few rendered frames because it is way too slow -- actually, I never had the time to optimize it. Please drop me a line if you are unable to watch the movie.

March 2, 2002. I am progressing! The third demo is out. It features a bunch of small cubes falling down to a bigger one... It is dramatically slow, mainly because the code is written for clarity, not for speed, but also because this demo has been compiled in Debug mode (no optimization). Nevertheless, enjoy! (and be patient...)

February 27, 2002. A non-technical presentation of Sheep is available.

February 5, 2002. A new demo is available. It features resting contacts only. I am now working on a demo with some interactivity and better graphics with textures, lights and shadows. Be patient !

Click here to download the first demo of Sheep...

Windows users: you may also need glut32.dll. Once downloaded, just copy it into the directory containing the executable file.

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